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Fairy Dell is a wooded beck and park on the borders of Marton and Coulby Newham on the southern edge of Middlesbrough. The area is a mix of natural woodland, laid out parkland, ornamental lake and flood defence lakes.

Improving the Dell Hedge Planting Improving

The friends group have been fortunate to attract funding for many events in the dell and park. There have been several Dell Festivals where we have been joined by other agencies to promote the use of the park and dell. Click the Fun & Games Link below.

Working with schools

 Dell Festival

 Building a boardwalk

 Local schools

A small team of volunteers regularly work in the dell to improve the amenity. We have been fortunate to be joined by volunteers from several sources and by staff and students for local colleges. Click the link below to see some of the work we have undertaken.

One of the greatest pleasures we have is being involved with the young people from the local schools. We have had assistance on many occasions and we look forward to the new season when we know our talented helpers will be with us again.

Fun & Games Improving the Dell Getting Involved

Meetings at Langdon Square from 7:00pm
2nd Wednesday of the Month

Find Us

 Medieval Archaeology

Following the discovery of what is thought to be a Medieval Monks Trod (path) there is to be a series of trenches and digs around the park May 12 to 18.

Please click here for details.

Diary Join the Archaeology dig
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