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Heritage The schools trench

To allow the children easier access the first trench was opened just above the trod.

A low loader delivered our home!

Secure store, accommodation facilities including a heated office arrives ready for action.

Nearly 6000 miles

Although most of the volunteers are from the local area and almost 99% from the North East, a university student from Hong Kong, Tsan Sze Wai was a pleasure to work with.

Items of pottery thought to date back to medieval times have been found at both the ‘schools trench’ and in various trod locations. There are some picture at the bottom of this page of items found at the dig.

Hard Work

With 3 trenches opened down the trod the 1000+ year old pathway made the volunteers work hard.

“Those of us who spent some very tedious hours on school archaeology trips got a very pleasant surprise! The manner in which Tees Archaeology have guided us has been superb. Explanations of both the purpose and process were clear and simple.”

“Having a pool of knowledge on hand to answer any question honestly is amazing. Much better than seeing on TV!”