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Building a
bug hotel

August 2015

What a brilliant morning we have had in the park.

Several months ago Paul and Julia volunteered to lead a Bug Hotel build in the park.

On Tuesday 11th August 2015 the regular “Task Group” met in the park and prepared the ground.  Paul and Julia have been collecting all sorts of wood and bug friendly materials to make a home for possibly 1000's of bugs!

It is wonderful to get the support we do and today the group “pulled out the stops”.

We had good attendance and we managed to complete to bug hotels in the 2hrs set aside.

The children helped to collect suitable materials from around the park and packed them in to individual bug homes. The homes where then added together to make the hotel.

To minimise the risk of vandalism the bug hotels have been enclosed in chicken wire.

The bugs will attract other wildlife into the park. Even the local birds had joined in the event by utilising the left over straw and twigs.

Thank you to all our small helpers today  and a special thanks to the Mums, Aunties and Grandmas that came along to help.

Finally - Thank you to the Friends Team - Cheers gang - it worked!

David Everitt

Chair - Then Friends of Fairy Dell