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We’re proud to be one of Skipton Building Society’s Grassroots Giving

Winners, recognised for supporting our local community.

Pupils from the Kings Academy helped with the carving on the Bird Hide's sleepers.

Birds that can be seen in the Dell have been carved in relief onto both sides of the sleepers. Here's an Owl and a Kingfisher.

A rare bird has been spotted around Gunnergate Lake. The bird is a Night Heron, a smaller cousin of the Grey Heron that we normally see down there. The bird has rings on it's legs so it might be that it is an escapee from someone's collection. Hopefully the rings will be identified and then we will know if it is a true wild bird or not. Whatever it's status it is still a great bird to see , it was last seen having a nap up a tree on the island of the bottom lake.